ArcaneVII Season 3 | CAP 140 | New Features | Job Based | Play2Join

Our vision for ArcaneVII Season 3, for silkroad and for the community has been decided even before beginning this project.

Before reforming this project, we thought about what shall we do in order to satisfy the players needs? What actually helps know what everyone wants/needs in order to have a fair stable server with such a good amount of players? Our vision during the old server until now has totally changed. First, in order to satisfy our players needs, we want a flexible team to communicate who can works very hard for their server. Second, a stable *protected* server lets everyone satisfied about the situation of the server which also encourages more and more players to join. Third, Long-term server makes a touch unforgettable during the prvSRO's history plus makes such a noise which attracts the players to it. Those, are the three topics that we must work hard to earn them. We cannot do it alone, our players support us. The server contains every kind of SilkRoad, in order to include all the players in it, we've full PVE/PVP server during the 24 hours on 7 weeks. The jobbing system in our system is very strong by adding to it its own-self coin, which is considered in our server a strong currency to work with this. I won't talk much, I, proudly, present to everyone, our server, ArcaneVII Season 2. After one year of being online, we decided to relaunch the server with more features/skills/events/etc.. in order to make the view more better. The server contains a huge amount of systems and features. Our team is well, professional, we change our view to shoot the right aim of our players mind. We present you one the biggest high level private server, ArcaneVII Season 2.

We decided to start it and leave our very own mark in the history of Silkroad private servers. Our goal is to make an extraordinary server with a great deal of interesting and new features, yet, not over-editing the game-play. All the features have been added for the sole purpose of complementing the game-play, leaving fundamental ideas untouched, yet enhancing them with interesting and unique rewards.


General Server Information

Server Type Free2Join , Pay2Join.
Server Capacity (1000 Slots).
Server Traffic Stat (Populated).
Server Version (1.150).
Server Purpose (PvE/PvP/TRD/FW/FGW).
Server Cap (140).
Server Degree (14D).
Server Race (European & Chinese).
Skill Mastery Cap (140).
Skill EU Mastery Cap (280).
Skill CH Mastery Cap (560).
Experience Rate (800x).
SP Experience Rate (800x).
Party Experience Rate (900x).
Party SP Experience Rate (900x).
Drop Rate (250x).
Gold Rate (80x).
SOX Rate (Custom).
Job Rate (20x).
Alchemy Rate (3x).
Stall & Consignment (Enabled).
Mercenaries (Enabled).
Forgotten World (Shipwreck) (Enabled).
Forgotten World Rate (3x).
Hotan Fortress (Enabled).
Capture the Flag (Enabled).
Survival Arena Colosseum (Enabled).
IP Limit (4).
Plus Limit System +25 (No Adv).
Free/ (2)Silk Per Hour for Quest (Enabled).

Start Items & Resources

Items(Avatar Dress).
Items(Avatar Hat).
Items(Gold Dragon Flag).
Items(Devil's Spirit)5%.
Buffs(115% Speed Increase 1Day).
Buffs(10% Premium 1Day).
Items(Pet 11Day).
Items(Exp Booster (1000%) 3 hour).
Items Scroll(Package Red) [Level 70].
Items(Instant Return Scroll 5k).
Items(Reverse Return Scroll 5k)waiting for 10 minutes

Auto Equipment.

system Conflict
Your gear will automatically change on the following level stages seen on the pictures below.
D1~D10 = Moon+6 FB Max .
D11= NOVA+6 FB Max.
D12= Moon+6 FB Max.

Auto Equipment.

Scroll(Package Red) [Level 70].
Scroll(Package Blue) [Level 85].
Scroll(Package Yellow) [Level 100].
Scroll(Package Green) [Level 110].
Scroll(Package Pink) [Level 120].
Scroll(Package Gray) [Level 125].
Scroll(Package Brown) [Level 130].
Scroll(Package Black) [Level 135]

Temple of General A~B.

Teleport ( Temple of General A). Unique Cave Jangan "Can Enter At Level 60" only 3 times enter per day , have fun
Teleport ( Temple of General B). "Can Enter At Level 90" only 3 times enter per day , have fun

Map search monster.

Alexandria North monster Level 100~110
Mirror Dimension Jupiter Room1~Room2 monster Level 125~130
Alexandria [Kings Valley]~[Storm and cloud Desert]monster Level 135~140

Mirror Dimension Jupiter Room1~Room2

Room1 Take the quest and kill a mob"Temple Keeper" 2000
Room2 Take the quest and kill a mob "Mutant Baal's" 5000
Room1~2 Mob Drop Moon 13Degree Set and Accessory.s and Stone 13Degree
Complete the quest "Temple Keeper" Reward "Scroll Key Silk per hour"
Complete the quest "Mutant Baal's" Reward "Scroll Skills CH#EU Lottery x2"
Room1 Drop Stone Astral and Immortal 13~14Degree "Jupiter[Room1]"
Room2 Drop Stone Astral and Immortal 13~14Degree "Zielkiaxe[Room2]"

Unique Arabia

Room1 "Curse of the main"
Room2 "Haili shoots"
Room3 "Otherworldly"
Room4 "Thief Boss Kalia"
Unique Drop Sun 13Degree Set and Accessory and Scroll Speed 140%

Holy ~Crystal elixiers.

Model Holy elixiers.
Model Crystal elixiers.
Alchemy Success Rates

Temple of Crystal

Pandamonium Crystal.
Chipmunk Crystal.
Unique Drop "Crystal elixiers"

Temple of Jupiter Entrance

Unique Drop "Holy elixiers"
Unique Drop element "Crimson Unique"from HolyWater temple,Temple of Jupiter Only
Unique Drop element "Green Unique"from HolyWater temple,Temple of Jupiter Only
Unique Drop element "Jade Unique"from HolyWater temple,Temple of Jupiter Only
Unique Drop element "Red Unique"from HolyWater temple,Temple of Jupiter Only

It drop from HolyWater temple Only
Unique Drop element "Crimson Unique"from HolyWater temple,Temple of Jupiter Only
Unique Drop element "Green Unique"from HolyWater temple,Temple of Jupiter Only
Unique Drop element "Jade Unique"from HolyWater temple,Temple of Jupiter Only
Unique Drop element "Red Unique"from HolyWater temple,Temple of Jupiter Only

Monster 135~140

MOB Drop "Stone 14Degree"
MOB Drop element "Super of Weapon"
MOB Drop element "Super of Shield"
MOB Drop element "Super of protector"
MOB Drop element "Super of Accessory"

Leveling System (Lv. 135~140)

How does this work? It had been very strange comparing to all the other private servers. Actually, there won't be any challenging about
it if someone just joined, took few hours/days to get level [140] and it's done. No, let's make it a-bit more challenging, the max level reached by plvling is [135]. In order to get/reach level [140],
you've to follow some steps. First, you've to complete the FGW quest so that to be level [140] using an upgrader item. In addition, this is the only way to get level [140], there won't be anyway else.
NOTE: You should be level [135] in order to be able to use the upgrader item.
Quest (Dungeon) NPC, located in Alexandria North.
Forgotten Worlds Unique/MOB Drop element "Wreck Crimson"
Unique/MOB Drop element "Wreck Bermuda"
Unique/MOB Drop element "Wreck Forest"
Unique/MOB Drop element "Wreck Purple"

Map Bagdad Dungeon

Quest Dungeon
Unique/MOB Drop element "Dungeon Navy"
Unique/MOB Drop element "Dungeon Neon Pink"
Unique/MOB Drop element "Dungeon Sky"
Unique/MOB Drop element "Dungeon Yellow"

D13 Upgrading System

In order to get D13 weapons, you must follow those steps. We've simplified the system, and we've made it very easy to get D13 but in the opposite very hard to get D14.
It's like a balance between the those two degrees. By the way, you can get D13 NOVA weapons by killing the uniques inside Holy Water Temple,
you can enter it [3] times per day, also you should be Lv130+ to be able to go for a run-up into the Temple. Second,
you must collect D13 NOVA weapons to be SOM and D13 SOM weapons to be SUN. Let's see how does that work plus some screenshots in order to simplify this system.
5 D13 NOVA weapons = 1 D13 SOM weapon.
3 D13 SOM weapons = 1 D13 SUN weapon and element weapon
Holy Water Temple Dimension gate, located in Alexandria North.


All Npc shop

Job System.

An old well-known system, which is based on three criterions: First, Job activity, which depends on the amount of enemies killed by. Second,
Job field is made specially for those who are very interested in going for many Job wars. Third, Job currency which is JC (Job coin). Once you kill your enemy(Trader/Thief/Hunter),
you will get [3] Job coins(JC), you can check the quantity by clicking F10 in the item mall, you'll be able to buy many items which are indispensable for the making of your official set plus the Honor Points,
anyways. You can also get Academy Buffs by reaching a high kills number while wearing your job suit. The job dungeons are opened 24/7, anyone can join in anytime, no matter. Okay, let us see some screenshots which simplifying how does that work, why not? Let's go ahead.
NOTE [1]: By killing the same enemy [5] times, you won't get any more JC by killing him again, so you'll have to kill another enemy. This was made, anyways, to prevent the JC farmers, nothing more.
NOTE [2]: Do not buy items with JC if you've an insufficient amount - in case you try it anyway you'll be disconnected and your gold will be lost.
Job Dungeons, located in Alexandria North.

Gate of Event Egg

You can go through the Gate of the Sovereign to get to the Event Monster Teleport Open Time"12:00" & "17:00" & "22:00"GMT+2 Close after 10minute.
Quest Ostrich Boss.
Quest Happy Lover.
Monster drop Egg Coin
"You Can Enter At Level 110"

New Weapons

New Weapons "Arcane VII Season 2" Model switch scroll Chinese / European
Model 1
Model 2

Nlew Pet Attack

New Arcane Ostrich Summon
New Arcane Cat Summon

New Dress

New Arcane Dress Warriors Silver /Warriors Black Male /Female are available on the item mall!


Skill Level 140

Grap Pet

New Yellow blame Summon Scroll
New Ride Horse
New Trade Horse

Unique event

Arcane Season 2 ! Join the most populated and competitive server today.
It is your best chance to start, experience rates are extremely increased and many new players are joining!
Join now, Cap 140 | Degree 14 | Forgotten world | new dungeons | Awakening system | upgrade system | silk per hour | Daily events | new areas | job based | uniques rank many features waiting you.

Element System Degree 14 Upgrader

Weapon Upgrader

Shield Upgrader

protector Upgrader

Accessory Upgrader

New Arcane Ostrich Summon

  • Players Online: 639/1000

    • Cap 140
    • Race | Chinese/ European .
    • Mastery | Ch 560 / Eu 280.
    • Free/ (2)Silk Per Hour For Quest
    • EXP/SP 800.
    • EXP/SP (Party) 900.
    • Tradegoods Enabled
    • Max Plus:+25 No Adv
    • Beta IP Limit 5
    • Union Limit 3
    • Guild Limit 32

  • Fortress War
    Hotan Fortress:{Paradise}
    Fortress Gold:1,542,536,442,070
    Fortress/Friday: 8:00 PM

Server Time
  • Time:

  • Eevent Unique:
  • Medusa: 12:30 PM / 3:30 PM / 10:30 PM
  • Egg Event: 12:00 PM / 5:00 PM / 10:00 PM
  • Selket/Neith: 12:30 AM / 12:30 PM
  • Anubis/Isis: 2:30 AM / 2:30 PM
  • Haroeris/Seth: 4:30 AM / 4:30 PM
  • Lucky party: 1:30 PM / 12:00 AM
  • Lucky global: 4:00 PM / 2:00 AM
  • Lucky chat: 6:00 PM / 10:00 AM
  • LMS Event: 15:30/23:00

  • Discord


    Weapon Sox D14

  • Nick Plus: +25
  • DaVinci Plus: +25
  • FeedMeeMore Plus: +25
  • GOLDXZ Plus: +25
  • Aaron Plus: +25
  • DruGsDealer Plus: +25
  • _MoonLight_ Plus: +25

  • Titles Game

  • MoneyMaker#1
  • KingUniques#1

  • Kills Job

    Honor Rank

    No records yet!

    Kills Unique Last 7

  • Dictator has killed Demon Shaitan (Titan) Jul 13 2020 5:46PM
  • C2 has killed Lord Yarkan (Titan) Jul 13 2020 5:45PM
  • EnCHaNTresSx has killed Lord Yarkan (Titan) Jul 13 2020 5:44PM
  • D3 has killed Lord Yarkan (Titan) Jul 13 2020 5:43PM
  • C2 has killed Lord Yarkan (Titan) Jul 13 2020 5:43PM
  • Dictator has killed Demon Shaitan (Titan) Jul 13 2020 5:43PM
  • D3 has killed Uruchi (Titan) Jul 13 2020 5:41PM